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Glasgow Cop26

What is Cop26, and how can we all get involved!

COP26 is the 2021 United Nations climate change conference, and COP26 stands for 'Conference of the Parties'.

And this year's conference is critically important to get it right as the time for action is running out. It is the last chance world leaders have to update their plans for reducing emissions and get the accelerating climate change in control.

We can all see the climate is changing faster than expected.

👀The signs are all around us - floods in West Germany and China, record-breaking snowfall in Madrid, a wildfire in Greece, Cyclone in Fiji and several destructive storms in the UK, etc. These extreme weather events all happened this year.

⚡Industrialized countries produce energy for industrial needs while small island nations are on the frontline to fight against climate change.

We might not be able to see the urgent threat as we live inland. However, for people who live in islands and coastal regions, their homes will be swallowed up by the sea in years. In addition, hundreds of big cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Amsterdam, etc., are located in areas at high risk of sea level rises.

If we don't act today to slow the pace of climate change, they could be underwater within our lifetime.


👉🏾This week, about 30,000 delegates from around the world will arrive in Glasgow to attend COP26' Conference of the Parties to the Convention. All eyes are on this year's summit as it will focus on reviewing the progress and the unfinished tasks from COP25 and achieving the national plans for 2030 emission reduction targets.

Also, the covid-19 crisis has forced countries to rethink and commit to a sustained economic recovery policy which will also be a highlight on the agenda.

The COP events will take place in two different sites from the 🚩1st - 12th November.👇🏾


💚Event for the general public

COP 26 Green Zone @glasgowsciencecentre. There is a selection of exhibitions and events hosted by youth groups, civil society, academia, artists, and business worldwide.

👉🏽👉🏾Register your space here:

Or join online by subscribing to the COP26 youtube channel:


💙For delegates ONLY

COP 26 Blue Zone @secglasgow (Scottish Event Campus). A meeting for climate experts, campaigners, policymakers, and world leaders to discuss, share knowledge, and seek a solution for climate change.

Holyrood COP26 Fringe

Our founder Viana Maya will be chairing for Holyrood Magazine' Diversity & Inclusion in Climate Change Discussions and Decisions' (3rd November) and 'Scotland's Role in Delivering a Net-Zero World' (6th November) at Holyrood COP26 Fringe Festival in Glasgow.

It will be an excellent opportunity to meet other key stakeholders and share thoughts about the value of diversity in decision making and how we can collectively inspire more action to tackle climate change in Scotland.

⏰Wed 3rd – Sat 6th November, this is an in-person event.

For more information and to register your place, visit:

💻If you want to join online, don't hesitate to get in touch with

👏🏾Come along and join us! We're looking forward to some great discussions. Let us know of any events or conferences you are attending. COP26 is for all of us to be involved in the actions, not just world leaders.

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