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Welcome to pRESPECT

Lets start with the name, pre + Respect = pRESPECT. Our ethos is respect at first sight.

This is your opportunity to be seen as an individual within a group of similar people from working-class, black and ethnic minority backgrounds, looking to overcome employment barriers in a new and innovative way.

Whether you're stuck in an unhappy employment rut, have been out of work for too long (even though you know you're just what every employer needs) or are returning to work after a career gap, we can help you to help yourself.

As someone who has used employability services (good and bad) in the past, I wanted to create a program as good as those that successful professionals pay thousands for, but made accessible to underrepresented, talented candidates. A place where people can develop self-empowerment, decide the type of support they need and the career they want, while gaining relevant, current employment information directly from engaged employers.

Coaching vs employability

So what we do is NOT employability ("Then what the @**!#* is it, and how is it different?" I hear you say).

  • Firstly, we believe that people walking through our doors are already employable individuals needing the space to re-discover their confidence and adapt to the changes to the working environment since they have taken time out.

  • We provide bespoke career workshops and one to one coaching, tailored to the individual and the collective group's needs.

  • We provide opportunities for individuals to assess, evaluate and plan their goals, clarify what they want in their careers and work through barriers that are blocking their efforts.

  • The majority of people coming to us do not always see the value they can bring to a company, however, given the opportunity to explore and learn about themselves, we see individuals rise to their potential.

  • We give you the time, space and support to tap into your own power, to apply for roles you would otherwise talk yourself out of.

  • You will be expected and supported to apply for jobs while doing all of the above. Working in tandem with your peers, allows you to put all the practical work into live practice. Every job you go for will be an opportunity to get closer to your dream job.

  • We access work opportunities available via AAI Employability as the employers here are open-minded and are simply looking for the right candidate for the job.

  • The application requirement for all the jobs on the AAI website is CV and Coverletter. We will support you to tailor these for each job you apply for.

  • We combine techniques from the performance, personal development and digital industries with current research into the labour market, government insights and your own lived experiences.

You will meet some of the amazing talents we have had the privilege of supporting as they share their success stories.

Our aim

We aim to empower individuals with access to tailored content, encourage individuals to engage with up-skilling resources and provide hands-on proactive preparation for job interviews.

We will motivate and support you through the stresses of the interview series and working on interview feedback.

For employers, we aim to provide you with access to talented, motivated individuals that will bring much needed diversity of thought and experience to help your organisation prosper.

We DO NOT have a database of employers lined up with jobs! You apply for work in the usual way. However, having personal coaching means we can support you with spotting the gaps in your skills, improve your interview methods and boost your confidence.

Why are we here and why would you want to see us?

pRESPECT started in July 2019, in partnership with the award-winning inclusive recruitment agency, AAI EmployAbility (Adopt an Intern). This was not possible without the support of Sandy Campbell of Workingrite. Partnership and collaborative working is key to supporting people to access opportunities that can seem far from their reach. These organisations have opened their doors and minds to pRESPECT and what it aims to do.

pRESPECT is funded by the Scottish Government and Hunter Foundation SIP Fund, with the focus to work with black and minority ethnic (BME) people in Glasgow and Edinburgh though we are now happy to announce that this program is available to other qualified individuals struggling to enter the workplace.

How to get the most from our coaching?

  • Download our resources such as Barriers to Work, Career Interests and Strengths and weaknesses workbooks.

  • Commit to the program by booking and attending the workshop events

  • Work hard and take control of your experience with us

  • Be willing to try new approaches

  • Understand that success does not come overnight

  • Have good time management

  • Act professionally by respecting all people we work with

  • Open yourself to creativity and play

Most of all we look forward to working collaboratively with you as you take control of your career path, enter into work and create a sustainable long term career.

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