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Accelerating 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Feb Newsletter

What's going on at pRESPECT HUB?

We have a lot of courses and events coming your way. For now, we are in the middle of our Career Accelerator Course.

So far, we have explored self-awareness, developed good daily action habits, career interests and setting goals.

Next Monday, we dive into Module 4 - Interview preparation

There's been some great work put in by our participants on this course so far, and it's good to see so many people engaging with the course and their career progression.

Next week is Module 4 - Interview Types And Preparation Methods. We use storytelling and the STAR(L) framework to help you make the most of your answers to common interview questions. From experience, storytelling helps the interviewee share precise information naturally that allows the interviewer to see more of the soft skills that you can't show in a CV or cover letter. Are you based in Scotland and are eligible for our free service? email

Suppose you are currently applying for work and need help understanding how to use the job description and research to get the best outcome. Check out our Decoding the job technique.

On Monday, we shared our decoding-the-job techniques that help you find out and highlight what the employers are looking for in the candidate and what the role will involve. The extra research that we advise our participants to do helps with either the application process or preparing for the interview.

We can already see many people using this method to apply for current roles…including the Strategy and Development role (application close Feb 17th!!) You can watch the session via our Facebook page for a limited time before we take it down.

pRESPECT and Partners Internships:

The People Team with FreeAgent

Again, we partner with the brilliant FreeAgent People Operation team to offer a paid opportunity for ethnic minority HR professionals interested in gaining work experience within a progressive and rapidly expanding company.

What will you get out of the internship?

FreeAgent will provide expertise and as much training as possible to develop the participant to leave with an enhanced CV and quality reference.

This role is only for those with established Human Resources skills or education and struggling to gain entry-level employment or in-work promotion. Applications for this opportunity will only be accepted from candidates who have a verifiable connection or attachment to Scotland, e.g. this is not aimed at students who were not residents in Scotland before their studies commenced.

Career progression support

The successful candidate will continue to be supported by us throughout the internship.

Those who are not successful for the internship but otherwise eligible will also continue to be supported by us to grow their confidence, experience with applications and by joining our supportive network.

Live Job applications Course

Please apply for this role here and get access to support your application with our

  • CV & Cover Letter surgery

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interviews

If the People Operations internship is not in your interests, check out other opportunities at FreeAgent.

And Finally... FreeAgent data internships

While we are on the subject of great companies to Intern with, FreeAgent are also running their own PAID internships:

  • Data Science Intern - more information and application here

  • Analytics Intern - more information and application here

  • There are currently 29 roles going at FreeAgent, including Sales and Software Engineers. If you are interested check out their vacancies.

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